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M3 Strategic Alliances works with investment banks, law, accounting and management consulting firms. We create strategic business development opportunities, thought leadership campaigns and cross-industry alliances which enable individuals, practice groups and firms to increase their visibility, reach and revenue.

We know how to maximize returns for our clients. We know what works, what doesn’t and why. Most importantly, we create access, visibility and opportunity for our clients.

M3 Strategic Alliances provides unparalleled client service and works as a catalyst, leader and champion for our clients at the firm, practice group and individual level.

Why M3 Strategic Alliances

Expertise. We come from the professional services world and understand the nature of your practice, the demands on professionals’ time, and the potential of untapped opportunities. We excel in strategy creation and execution and align programs with the firm’s strategic goals and core business objectives. We work across internal departments and with external organizations, brokering and managing relationships among various stakeholders and designing programs that maximize your ROI.

Dedicated Resource and Oversight. Time, energy, focus and expertise are needed to optimize your results. We understand the demands facing busy practitioners and firm personnel so we take the lead in driving your initiatives forward. We manage the necessary resources, provide support to your employees to guide their efforts and keep the initiative a priority, ensuring deliverables are met by all participants.

Momentum and Sustainability. Sustainable results and long-term success only happen when programs are carefully designed, implemented and maintained. We ensure continued momentum for your initiatives and provide the sustained attention that is needed to grow your business and fully leverage opportunities.

Maximize Results. We know how to optimize programs to grow your book of business, enhance your visibility and better position you as an industry leader. When we design and oversee your initiative, you shorten your lead time, increase your prospect base and convert more prospects into clients.

When M3 Comes In

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We increase visibility, reach and revenue for firms, practice groups and individuals.


We partner with firms to increase women's visibility, leadership and business opportunities.

We help position firms and practice groups as thought leaders.


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