M3 Strategic Alliances

When M3 Comes In

Scenario I: Prospecting Events and Campaigns

The Missed Opportunity: Standard marketing events such as panel discussions and technical trainings are useful, but if firms want to truly differentiate themselves and exponentially increase conversion rates, more is needed.
Where M3 Comes In: We help firms create multiple touchpoint, strategic prospect campaigns around intimate, curated events that expand the firm’s prospect base, convert prospects into clients and position firms as thought leaders. We design event strategy and content, help identify prospects, assist in outreach, oversee execution and ensure busy professionals fully leverage the opportunities created, both before and after events. We also identify relevant thought leadership and branding opportunities. 

Because of our prospecting campaigns, our clients have earned millions of dollars of new business, dramatically expanded their prospect base and enhanced their brand as industry leaders.

Scenario II: Women's Initiatives

The Missed Opportunity: Despite the best intentions, many women’s initiatives are not achieving the results they want. 

Where M3 Comes In:  We help clients transform their women’s initiative into an engine of opportunity by creating prospecting opportunities, thought leadership campaigns and impactful training that maximize ROI.

Because of our women’s initiative work, clients have opened new business development pipelines and earned millions of dollars of revenue, and participating women have exponentially increased their books of business, assumed new leadership roles, and increased their visibility within the firm and profession.

Scenario III: Thought Leadership

The Missed Opportunity: Traditional marketing and thought leadership such as client updates, publications and other research are important, but additional initiatives are needed if firms want to truly differentiate themselves, exponentially increase conversion rates and dramatically enhance their position as industry leaders. 

Where M3 Comes In: We help firms create multiple touchpoint thought leadership campaigns, including around industry-specific surveys. We formulate the marketing and press strategy, help develop content and co-author survey reports and other publications, facilitate prospecting opportunities and design event campaigns around thought leadership. 

Because of our thought leadership work, firms have exponentially increased prospecting opportunities, converted more prospects into clients, enhanced their brand as industry leaders, and created new visibility, branding and media opportunities.  

Scenario IV: Referral Source Relationships

The Missed Opportunity: Many firms conduct “meet and greets” with potential referral sources. However, the referral source may not be the best partner, follow-through often slides, and gains are limited when busy professionals are in charge.  

Where M3 Comes In:  We identify the right allies, oversee and fully leverage the alliance, ensuring referral opportunities and creating joint “go-to-market” opportunities.  Because we are “outside” of the firm partners, we are able to broker the relationship, helping both firms maximize returns and ensuring a sustainable alliance.

Because of the strategic alliances we have created, our clients have exponentially increased referrals from partner firms, shortened their lead time, expanded their prospect base and converted more prospects into clients.

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